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Extending Art of Illusion Book Cover
Extending Art of Illusion

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Book Cover Design Wizardry

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Mother Not Wanted

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And Thy House Book Cover
And Thy House

For the Love of a Devil Book Cover
For the Love
of a

History of Cane Creek Association
History of
Cane Creek
by D. F. Magruder

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How to Become
a Bible Character

Searching For Mom Book Cover
Searching For Mom

Church Website Design Book Cover
Church Website Design
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Timothy's latest novel is Mother Not Wanted. In this story, a woman shows up at the home of a wealthy business owner, claiming that the girl she has with her is his granddaughter. While Fox is eager for the claim to be true, he isn't pleased with the woman, who may be after his son and the girl's father. The woman is a con artist and may ruin all that Fox has planned for his family.

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  • Mother Not Wanted is now available for sale. Order your copy today.
  • Timothy's novels have all been reduced as much as 35% off the suggested retail price on Amazon.com and other stores. Purchase his latest book for $9.95.
  • And Thy House released December 10, 2009.
  • A review of For the Love of a Devil appeared in the December 3, 2008 edition of the Baptist Trumpet - the editor, Diane Spriggs, states "Although it has been compared to Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (which I have read), For the Love of a Devil, by Timothy Fish is written in a modern setting that I could more readily understand and takes a decidely different approach to this Old Testament love story. I enjoyed both books."
  • For the Love of a Devil released October 8, 2008


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